What is Instagram and how it works?

Knowing the right tools to enhance the visibility and success of your brand is essential to stand out in a connected market like the current one. Instagram is a very effective communication channel that your company can take advantage of in order to reach the audience you are looking for and bring more publicity to your products. To do this, you need to know how Instagram works.

Instagram came out in 2010, initially as a photo-sharing application. Over the years and the eventual purchase by Facebook, it has become one of the main social networks of the present time. Today, it supports a variety of content formats and has a robust ad platform that offers very strategic possibilities for brands.

As a marketing tool, Instagram is very effective. It enables close contact between brand and audience, as well as showing a more relaxed side of your company with its various content formats. Recently, it launched the Instagram Stories, a feature that superseded people’s preference for Snapchat and popularized the platform even more.

Want to learn how Instagram works? So, check out below their key features and how to use them to improve the visibility of your brand. Good reading!

Publications in feed and instagram comments bot

The first step in understanding how Instagram works is to become familiar with the posts feed. You can publish photos and videos to your brand profile on Instagram, use captions, and tag people. There is also the possibility of creating an album with more than one photo, which the user can check by dragging the finger. The application also has a feature that made the company famous: the selection of filters, available to retouch the photos.

Instagram Direct

Instagram has a messaging system within the social network, something very valuable for your brand to keep in touch with the public. Pay attention to submissions made to Instagram Direct, since no one likes to be ignored. Your profile can also initiate interactions with others, which allows you to initiate strategic partnerships with other companies or digital influencers.

Today there are still other functions to professionalize your sending of messages. This is the Automatic DM.

Instagram Stories

Created to override Snapchat’s popularity, Instagram Stories lets you publish 24-hour photos and videos. It has fun features that give different faces to the posts, such as stickers, scribbles and emojis, as well as the famous filters. Instagram Stories is a great way to catch the attention of your followers as it makes your profile appear in an area reserved for this type of content.

Live streams

An integral part of the Instagram Stories framework, live broadcasts can be started by any profile and serve as a major boost to your visibility. Your followers will receive a notification that your brand is on a live, which is key to attracting views. You can receive real-time feedback and reply, and keep your content online for 24 hours to be checked out later.

Instagram Ads

By belonging to Facebook, Instagram has access to all the advantages related to the publication of ads. With Instagram Ads, you can develop sponsored posts targeted to highly specific people profiles. The information is cross-referenced with Facebook, so it presents high accuracy.

Instagram Shopping

A recent innovation, Instagram Shopping enables you to transform your brand profile into a store. The public can view information about their products, see the price in photos and, of course, acquire them directly through Instagram. This is a new way to take advantage of this social network to boost your sales.

Now that you know how Instagram works, have you noticed how the application can help leverage your brand? The next step is to design a marketing plan focused on the characteristics of this social network to make the most of it. Remember the importance of keeping an eye on updates in this area. There are new things that can impact your strategy every day.

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