How to get likes on instagram without using hashtags?

Strategy for hashtags

Prior to the last update of the Instagram algorithm, the indication was to use the first comment to place several hashtags that had to do with the content of the publication or with your business.

Even at this time several companies made misuse of hashtags, putting 20 hashtags in one post and the worst: they were always the same.

But now that has changed radically. Here’s how it went:

How was it?

Where to put the hashtags

Now the ideal is to put the hashtags in the legend of the post itself and not more in the first comment. Those in the first comment may not appear on the search. That is, they will have no effect on the content disclosure strategy.

How many to use

Instagram lets you publish up to 30 hashtags per post. But you need to be thrifty. The indicated one is to insert at most 5 per post. By putting too many hashtags in the same post, you run the risk of being seen as spam, making posts even appear in the feed.

Follow hashtags?

Just as people follow friends and businesses, now it is also possible to follow hashtags. Instead of having to search every time you want to know about a certain subject, the user can receive the posts in the feed itself.

But there is a small however for companies: the user can mark a particular publication as not important for that particular hashtag. So it is very important to insert hashtags that are related to the content of the post.

If your content is flagged as non-relevant multiple times, your account may enter shadowban. This means blocking a user from a social network so that he does not realize he has been banned.

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