How to get instagram followers without hashtags?

Who owns a beauty business knows that Instagram is the ideal social network to advertise their business, right? In an environment that everyone is looking for beautiful images, your posts will have a great reach and also a good engagement. All this will turn out to be great results. But to do this you have to do a well-structured job. Here’s how to get good results with a Beauty Instagram.

1 – Find the ideal followers

The results of Instagram are directly related to your engagement. And to have a good engagement you need to have followers who are real potential customers. It’s no use having several followers who will not enjoy or comment on your post. And most importantly: followers who will never become your customers.

With the new Instagram algorithm, you need to be more and more judgmental about who is following you. Often this is a complex task because you do not choose who will follow you. But this can be worked with the correct content and use of the segmented hashtags.

Thinking about it, the option of buying followers is a crime! So do not think about making that decision for your profile.

2 – Make interesting content

Content is the key to a good result on Instagram. You need to bet on publications that will engage your audience. And the only way to do this is:

  • Take references from profiles of the same segment with optimal results;
  • Testing with various types of content and seeing which followers will fit in better. Still in the test line, take advantage to know the best time.

3 beauty profiles on Instagram to accompany you

  • @emcosmetics
  • @patmcgrathreal
  • @bumbleandbumble

3 – Bet on all functionalities

Today Instagram is much more than just posts in the feed. There are several features that you can bet and secure your space on the social network. Here are some tips:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Stories is the big bet for Instagram. Today there are over 300 million active users per day! And you can not miss the opportunity to reach your followers without going through the judicious algorithm of the feed. In addition, it is interesting to focus on less elaborate publications. Show the day to day of your beauty business: before and after, behind the scenes, fast tutorials and many more!

Sending DM

The direct message is for you to have a closer relationship with your customers. Did you know that it is possible to send automatic DM? This functionality is not native to Instagram, which means you need a tool to help you. But the results are incredible!


For those who work with beauty, lives have a great appeal! You can show the whole step by step of a job and inspire several other clients who are interested in knowing more about you!

4 – Interact with your followers

To win the affection of your followers, it is important that you interact with your followers. DM plays a key role in this interaction, but do not forget to interact with all the comments and also comment on the photos of who you follow.

5 – Find a tool to help you with all of this!

Ufa! Sounds like a lot, right? But rest easy, because you can have an Instagram automation tool hired to help you in all the steps above! We use Bume and we have great results. With such a tool you can:

  • Conquer real and targeted followers;
  • Schedule publications on Instagram;
  • Automatically interact with your followers;
  • Send automatic DM;
  • And much more!

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