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At the end of March Instagram released another news that will increase the platform’s sales power. This is Instagram Shopping, functionality that will transform your profile into a sales machine.

According to the social network itself, before this novelty most of the purchases took a day or more to be finalized. Only 21% of purchases were made on the same day. Now the idea is that users are closer to the products and that the purchase time decreases dramatically.

What is Instagram Shopping

This functionality was being tested since 2016 by large US companies, and only in the first half of 2018 did it reach the Brazilian accounts. In short, publications may now have direct links to specific products on your site.

For brands that have this function released, it will work as follows:

  • Each post will have a “Tap to see” icon in the lower left corner of the photos;
  • When touched, a marking will appear on the various products in the publication, demonstrating up to five products per photo and up to nine per carousel;
  • When marking is selected, a new tab will be displayed;
  • In this tab you can see relevant product information for the consumer, all without having to leave the application;
  • If the consumer touches the Buy link, it will be directed to the product page on the company website.

Check out the step-by-step picture above:

  • Benefits for your business
  • But what benefits will you have with this change? If your goal is to sell through Instagram, the answer is very simple. Your customer will be much closer to your product and will be able to make the purchase more quickly.

How many times have you found an interesting product on Instagram but did not buy it because you could not find it on the company website? This is very common because the previous process was very manual. It was necessary to find the desired product, go back to the company profile, access the site through bio and search the product on the site.

Now the path is much shorter and, of course, there will be a significant increase in the conversion rate of your customers coming from Instagram.

Change of strategy

You must be aware of the correct strategy to apply to Instagram Shopping. Now it will be possible to follow the results more closely, as each publication will have a specific objective. In each post with Instagram Shopping the goal will be to sell those products. And you’ll be able to measure the traffic generated from that specific post through Analytics.

Your publications on the social network will be a true showcase of your products and you can not miss this opportunity to spread.

How to configure

Not all Instagram profiles are enabled to use the mall. Check out the prerequisites stipulated by the tool:

  • Your business must sell physical products that conform to Instagram’s business policies;
  • Your business must be located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Brazil;
  • Your account should be a business profile;
  • Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog. It can be created in the Business Manager or on the page of your business on Facebook.

If your profile is within the prerequisites above, your account will be reviewed by the social network to see if Instagram Shopping will be available. Usually this process takes a few days, but it can happen to be a bit more time consuming.

Now that you know this Instagram news, enjoy and download a free e-book to learn how to increase your profile engagement!