How does instagram story views, likes, comments and reposts work?

In 2018 Instagram released several new features with regard to its algorithm. And companies that want to achieve good results with this platform, will need to know the news and adapt quickly. Know all the latest updates and how to use the changes in the Instagram algorithm to your advantage.

Feed almost chronologically

In 2016 the Instagram feed ceased to be chronological and relied on relevance. Through a sophisticated algorithm, the platform was able to identify which publications would be most relevant to each user and they were displayed first.

With this change, your business posts have stopped serving to multiple people. Only those who interacted with their publications saw the others.

How was it?

Since that change in 2016 the Instagram users have been complaining and asking for the chronological feed back. And his requests were heard (in parts). In the most recent change, the social network said in an official statement that based on user feedback, they are making changes to ensure that younger posts are more likely to appear first in the feed.

This means that there will still be relevance analysis of the posts, but they will be merged with the posts newer.

Experts say that with the algorithm the dispute for a space in the users’ feed has become even more fierce. It is estimated that only 10% of followers are actually watching your posts. But there are ways to reach more and more people.

How to use the Instagram algorithm in your favor

1 – Have a commercial profile

Having a business profile on Instagram has several brand benefits. In addition to the new features, a novelty will make you want to migrate immediately: in the last update of the algorithm, business accounts are being privileged, having a greater reach than the common accounts.

2 – Avoid publishing in the first 24 hours

Editing posts less than 24 hours after posting can greatly compromise reach. And without reach, your publications will not have engagement and the disclosure of your brand will be compromised.

3 – Bet on Stories – instagram story views

While changing the algorithm will make it difficult to reach the publications, the stories remain intact, with its own algorithm. Contrary to what happens with the posts in the feed, you’ll get all the stories posted by your friends.

Stories has more than 300 million active users per day and your business can not be left out! Bet on less elaborate posts, that is, more cell phone photos and less graphics. This will bring the user closer to your company.

Also, if your Stories have good engagement, this will be an indication to Instagram that their posts are also interesting, increasing the reach of traditional publications.

4 – Encourage engagement

If your publications will be shown to more people depending on the engagement they get, it is important to foster engagement at all times. Ask questions to your followers and produce interesting content.

And engagement is not just tanned and comments. How long the user is stuck in your post is also evaluated. For this, two points are very important:

Video publications – as they take longer, the user takes more time to stop publishing, increasing the possibility of this post reaching more people.

Smart and right-sized captions – if you publish a very small caption, you will not be able to gain more user time in your publication. But at the same time, the caption can not be too great to make him give up reading the rest. You have to find an ideal balance.

See more details on what is considered interaction in the next topic.

What is considered interaction

Interaction sounds like a very simple concept, right? Tidings and comments are interactions. But on Instagram this is not as simple as it sounds. There are several nuances for what is considered interaction in the network and after the last update in the algorithm this is a little more complex.


In the tanned question there is not much mystery about what is considered interaction. When you enjoy a photo in your feed, you have “scored a point” in the hierarchy of interactions.

Comments: instagram comments for girls

In the comments the situation already changes a bit. Short comments, especially those with a single word, may no longer count as engagement. Answer the comments in your account and comment on the partner account with four words or more. This way you will have more chances of your comment counting as engagement.

Time spent on each post

As said in the last topic, the time spent on each post can also count as interaction. To ensure that users spend more and more time in your post, the golden tip is to bet on videos and albums. But if you choose content with image, capriche in the photo or the graphic piece. Do something that catches the attention of the user and makes him spend time when he comes across it in the feed.

See more from the legend

When the user clicks to see more in their caption, this is also counted as interaction. So you have to bet on not-so-small captions. But be careful not to overdo it and put a text that when the user opens the caption, will give up continue.

Stories Preview

Some say that just viewing Storie already counts as interaction. After all, it takes a user action to view your story.

Reply to Poll in Stories

Answering a poll in Stories also counts as an interaction. Then, at every opportunity you have, insert this feature into your publications.

See more in Stories

When you insert a link in the story and the user “drags up” to view the content, this also counts as interaction.

It is worth remembering that all interactions made in Stories “count points” for your conventional publications as well.