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Instagram Account Was Deleted?

You decide to open Instagram and suddenly realize that your profile has disappeared without reason or any warning. Have you been through this? Having the Instagram account deleted is enough to cause despair in anyone, right? Especially when it comes to a corporate profile, responsible for the visibility of a brand.

Most of the time, the only information provided by the social network is a short text with the following words: “Your account has been disabled for violating the terms of Instagram. Learn how to retake your account, “which makes the process even more confusing. This usually comes when trying to access the profile through the mobile app.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in Brazil and in the world. In addition, it is experiencing a resumption of its growth since introducing new resources, such as the Instagram Stories. For many people, it serves as a great substitute for Facebook, for example. Therefore, losing access to the account can be quite serious.

Check out the following article to understand everything about the subject and do not have any more problems with your Instagram account!

Why was the account blocked?

Blocking an Instagram account can happen for a number of reasons, some fairer, some less so – the explanation may be in violation of the social networking terms of use, or you were the victim of a platform bug.

Like any other service, Instagram has rules that must be followed by all its users. When any of them fail to comply with these rules, it is subject to account blocking and exclusion of the profile by the social network algorithm. Besides being something automatic, there is no way to argue in these cases.

However, there are also occurrences where such a locking occurs by mistake. With a frequency greater than desirable, Instagram causes some profiles to be deactivated even if they have not done anything wrong. However, do not worry: you can easily recover your account in this type of situation.

Block for violation of the terms of use

If your profile violated Instagram rules, there is nothing to do. You were against the rules of the social network and she deleted your account with no chance of recovering it. In general, this happens when pornographic, offensive content, drug apology and other illegal actions are posted, among others. It is important to know all the rules of the platform.

Depending on the case, it may be that the account lockout was caused by someone’s report. However, deletion also happens automatically thanks to the social network algorithm, which is able to recognize when violations are made.

Block by mistake due to bugs

There is the hypothesis (not proven) that the social network performs a periodic action focused on finding false users in the system. It displaces or blocks a random portion of an indeterminate number of profiles for internal analysis and returns with the actual accounts gradually.

If this is your case, just confirm that it is not a robot and your account will have a good chance of being released. Officially, Instagram has called the bug and there is more information about it.

How do I recover my account?

Now that you’ve understood the main reasons for excluding a profile on Instagram, you can learn the paths you need to take to recover your account. Remember: If you’ve violated the terms of use of the social network, you’ll rarely be able to access it again.

Instagram does not have a call center like other companies. She does not have a contact phone number, just sending the account recovery form as a means to help in such cases.

Submitting the Recovery Form

Once you see that your profile has been disabled, you’ll see a link to filling out an account recovery form. The first step in using it will involve the process of proving that you own it.

You’ll come to a screen like this:

  • Deleted accounts from instagram Deleted accounts from instagram
  • Fill out the form with your data, send it and wait. If you can not attach your proof of business document, send it even without it.

Recovering account by SMS code

One of the ways that Instagram uses to prove that you are the owner of your account is sending code via SMS, just like several other services do. However, this method is only available if you have registered your mobile number in the application.

If you’ve included a home number, for example, you will not be able to receive this code. So, do not forget to always keep your data up to date. These are the ones that will ensure easy recovery of your account.

Using Facebook chat

One tip that can help you recover your account is: if you have an account with Facebook, contact the network team in question through the chat there.

The attendants are extremely helpful and the service is excellent. However, know that the most they can do for you is to open a call, send it to the Instagram team for evaluation, and track the return of your account. They do not have any decision power over what will happen to your profile.

How many days can I have my account back?

First, you will receive an email from Instagram stating that your account is being reviewed. After receiving this message, it may be necessary to wait some time for the profile to return. The wait can take up to 7 days or more.

Once your account is released, you will receive another email from Instagram apologizing for the event and confirming your profile recovery without any content modification.

If your user has actually been deleted, you will also receive an email from the platform informing you of the decision. However, if you proceeded correctly in the account return request, it is very difficult for this to happen.

How to prevent the Instagram account from being deleted?

As with any other web service, it is necessary to follow all the rules to not have your access blocked. Instagram has several users in Brazil and worldwide, so it has strict rules to ensure a friendly and free environment for all audiences.

Please note that these cases only refer to Instagram profiles deleted due to violation of the terms of use. You can also have the profile disabled on account of a bug, but in this case, just follow our instructions above.

Have you read the Instagram Terms of Use and Service? Not many people bother to do that. Do not worry: let’s summarize below the main points you need to know while using this social network and not having the account deleted.

Use banned hashtags

Did you know there are forbidden hashtags on Instagram? If your account uses them, you run the risk of being excluded – and worse: they are not openly disclosed by the social network. However, just use common sense. In general, they apply to terms of low slang. So, just keep away from them in your content.

Post too much

To curb the practice of spam in the social network, Instagram often penalize accounts that post too much. Do not worry though, this does not mean that your profile will be banned by simply posting above your normal pace. In general, it is something that occurs when action is humanly impossible, like thousands of publications per second.

Refuel without authorization

Instagram is different from Twitter as it does not have a retweet button. To refill a content, you need the authorization of the original author. Without it, it can denounce your post and you risk losing access to your account. Not to go through this situation, just contact the publisher and ask if you can repost it.

Illegal contests and promotions

Although generally resolved by local governments, Instagram also penalizes accounts that carry out actions that go against the law. For example, if a liquor brand decides to hold a contest involving minors, it will certainly have their account banned from the platform, as well as suffering from penalties in the offline world.

All right?

These cases show how important it is to keep your account recovery data up to date. Only in this way will you be able to speed up the rescue process and prove that the profile is really yours. It takes bad for any company to go through problems like this, since it shows a lack of professionalism.

Now you know how to recover your deleted Instagram account and how to prevent it from happening again. The main point is to stay calm and follow the steps we recommend above to ensure that you can redeem control of your profile as soon as possible.

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