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To succeed in social networks you must know how to create and engage your audience. In addition to posting relevant content and interacting with users, a good way to conquer is by giving prizes and gifts to your participants. How about a draw on Instagram?

With the ever-increasing competition, it is always necessary to find ways to attract the public to your brand and products. Having so many options to get their attention, people tend to prefer that content that gives them some advantage in return.

Following this line of reasoning, you can have great results by holding a draw on Instagram. People will follow your instructions and your profile will be much more visible than normal. To succeed, however, it is necessary to keep an eye on some rules and good practices.

Do you know how to draw on Instagram? Read our article and find out!

How to draw on Instagram?

The first step is to understand that an award is an investment. The more desirable the gift offered, the greater the chances of success with the action. So offer a great prize. It may be through a partnership with another brand, or some product or service sold in the store.

It’s cool that it establishes a direct relationship with your business area because it is easier to reach your target audience. For example: if you sell cupcakes, you can offer a course with a renowned chef, a product kit … But think about making the participation of followers something irresistible!

That way, it is quite valuable to understand what is usually a motivating factor for your target audience wanting to enter a draw on Instagram. Try to understand the profile of these people, what are their desires and habits, to develop a strategy totally aimed at their success.

How to set criteria for the draw?

Now that you’ve already chosen the prize, you need to set the participation criteria. The main ones are:

Follow the profile

Most used format, especially if the goal is to win followers. This allows you to increase your brand’s audience base, enabling the growth of visibility of future published content and greater reach of actions that are developed later. Without this condition, you can not guarantee an improvement in your digital heritage.

Like a post

Valid to leverage a post (promotion post is the most obvious choice). It may not bring benefits in the medium and long term, but it allows you to quickly see the engagement of your draw on Instagram. In addition, the more tanned a post has, the greater the chances of appearing as a recommendation to the friends of the participants.

Post photos with a specific hashtag

Hashtags are very important to Instagram. As a network dedicated to images, this is the best way to find specific content. Important: Create a hashtag with your brand and easy memorization to avoid mistakes. It must allude to your company in some way, since it is a method for the friends of the participants to know about the action and also to take an interest in it.

Make friends

To ensure an increase in post views it’s worth suggesting that people mark a specific number of friends. With each markup, the reach of your post can multiply, which brings great benefits to the presence of your brand on Instagram. You can ask the participant to mark as many as you like or to establish a minimum number.

Depending on your purpose, define how to draw on Instagram, using one or more criteria at a time.

How to establish the rules?

Do you know how to draw on the Instagram without headaches and frustrations? Establishing very clear rules. The cool thing is to create a simple step by step for participation, according to the criteria chosen in the promotion post.

It may be interesting to pass the post text to different people before posting, to find out if everything is within the conform.

Another important point is to define the date of the draw and the announcement of the winner. If possible already inform in advance how the award will be delivered. This can be especially useful in the case of awards in the form of services with specific date / location or that need prior scheduling.

There are free tools for the raffle, such as Raffle, Sorter and There are those who choose to make a live broadcast via Stories to ensure transparency.

A very important detail is: since Instagram is used all over the world, do not forget to define (if necessary) the location of who can participate. This way you prevent a Russian from winning the prize draw and you have to bear international expenses for sending the prize.

Bet on transparency

Do not want to raise questions about the legitimacy of the draw on your brand’s Instagram? One way to do this is by making the process of selecting winners more open to anyone who wants to keep track of it. After all, is not that why the lottery raffles are broadcast live on television?

You can do something similar with your draw on Instagram. Using an app to capture the screen (from the computer or from the phone), you can record the time of the draw while using the sites recommended above.

This will add more value to your draw on Instagram because the public will realize your intentions to keep a process transparent at all stages. Remember to include in this broadcast the verification that the winners fulfill all the necessary requirements, such as following the profile and enjoy the post.

Also, make sure you have an accessible and easy-to-understand regulation. It may seem like an exaggeration for simpler actions, but this feature can help your company and protect itself against possible problems that could harm your image.

Pay attention to the formalities

Now that you know how to draw on Instagram, you have to be aware of the formalities that involve the theme. It is not possible to run a contest on social networks. In the case of sweepstakes, it is necessary to obtain a registration Рthrough the payment of a fee Рfrom the Caixa Econ̫mica Federal.

However, it is not an instantaneous thing. The process takes, on average, 45 days to get ready. So it takes time to organize everything. After all, planning is key to the success of any marketing action, right? Be sure to fit your action completely to the Box standards so you do not have any problems later.

Did you enjoy learning how to draw on Instagram? Enjoy then to find out how to win more followers for your profile!