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New Instagram update tests feature resembles Twitter

Keeping up-to-date with the latest in social networking is essential to anticipate and take advantage of valuable opportunities to produce content for your brand. Did you know that the new Instagram update will allow the replication of posts in Stories?

The feature remembers Twitter’s famous retweet, and enables a post to be attached to Instagram Stories content. Those who watch can touch the image and be directed to the original publication. With this, it is possible to refer to other posts natively.

For brands, this is a very strategic opportunity to increase their visibility. Retweets are highly valuable on Twitter. And this new Instagram update will help you reach more people with your posts on this social network.

How will this new Instagram update work?

The new feature will allow the user to replicate a post from another profile in their Instagram Stories. You can insert it along with the rest of the publication, using some resources such as stickers, writing, doodling, and emoji.

The novelty only applies to Instagram Stories. You will not be able to refill posts from too many profiles in your own feed. For this, it is still valid to use applications, such as Repost. The feature is currently being tested by Instagram for a select group of users.

Instagram also announced that users could block replication of their posts with an option in their personal settings. This way, it is possible to guarantee more privacy when using the social network. In the case of a mark, however, it is always valid to have as much visibility as possible.

Why is this new Instagram update good for brands?

Every corporate profile on social networks wants more exposure, so it’s quite valuable when a new feature is proposed that offers just that. The new Instagram update will bring a feature that allows you to replicate content, being able to increase its reach.

This is very strategic for brands. Think of the gain in visibility your business would have by having a post replicated in Instagram Stories from an influencer, for example. By implementing this feature, you can focus on publications with high sharing potential.

From when will this new Instagram update be available?

According to what has been released in the media, this functionality is still in the testing phase and has no forecast to reach users. So if you want to use this feature in your brand profile, you’ll have to wait a little bit for that.

Also, since this is an experiment, it may not be implemented in the social network. Instagram and other social networks often test new features that end up being discarded without even being released.

Always keep following the latest updates of this and other social networks, since every day there may be news that can revolutionize the way your brand uses these platforms. Learn to use these resources to your advantage and continue to enjoy good results.

What else is coming?

Instagram seeks to always be in full renewal, having other resources, in addition to this, in the testing phase and subsequently be made available to the public. Among the new features are a privacy control for Instagram Stories (which prevents replay of posts), a mode dedicated to profile photos (similar to the iPhone feature), and voice and video calls. Keep an eye on when these updates happen!

In this post, we deal with the new Instagram update. It will allow for the replication of posts, which can bring several benefits to brands who wish to have more exposure in the digital environment. It is a resource in which you must keep an eye on, to achieve more and more results.

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